Beta Phase 2 Update 4


Balance Changes:

Tile improvement cap now scales properly with town level.

Settlement: 4
Hamlet: 6
Village: 8
Town: 12
Large Town: 15
City: 17
Large City: 20
Metropolis: 25

Town upkeep per level has been reduced

Settlement  $500
Hamlet $750
Village $1,250
Town $2,000
Large Town $3,500
City $5,500
Large City $7,000
Metropolis $10,000

Reduced Town distance from capital penalty.
Fixed a Bug with tech Iron working costing 450K instead of 45K
Changed distance to town upkeep cost so that it scales better with distance.


* Added "/town info culture" command.
* Fixed "/town info cottage" command being blank.
* Structures now check the player's position for being inside town instead of their corner position.
* "/town info" now displays correct upkeep numbers based on government upkeep rate.
* Fixed cottages from stagnating during the first hourly tick they are built.
* Farm plots are now properly removed when the farm structure is unbuilt.
* Culture expansion message no longer displays when the culture expands '0' chunks.


Hello everyone, I’m pleased to announce that we are making awesome progress with the removal of towny and the recreation of civcraft. Soon we will need dedicated community members to start testing features for us.

I have officially opened BETA signups and will start reviewing applications posted on the forums. We want to keep our testing controlled and organized by starting small and then slowly increasing the number of beta testers. The application process is NOT based on first come first serve. We are looking for experienced players that are familiar with Civcraft mod and have at least some understanding of the game Civilization4 that Civcraft is loosely based on.

Visit our forums to signup!