Beta Phase 2 update 3


* Added the ability to set the owner on plots with "/plot setowner [name]. By setting the owner of a plot to "none" you give it back to town.
* Added the ability to unclaim town plots. Stand in the plot and use "/town unclaim"
* Added new command "/town info rates" which shows culture, growth, cottage and trade rates for the town you're in.
* Added new "/plot farminfo" command to help debug farm issues, shows last growth and which blocks grew.
* Eviction is now instant if you do not own land.
* Structure can now contain blocks outside of town borders, but must still be built inside town borders.
* Addressed lag on the dynmap, it should hopefully run faster now.
* Fixed farm plots becoming active before farm structure was finished.
* Fixed structures not building during Anarchy.

CivCraft Beta Phase 1 Update 2

* Fixed fire and portal blocks requiring the build permission to be used.
* Fixed permission error messages spamming the player.
* Prevented non-player entites from triggering switches when interact is set to off.
* Fixed extra error messages when adding offline players to groups.
* Town names, Civ names, and resident names are no longer case sensitive.
* added a /civ list command, lists all towns in the named civ.
* added a /gc command, with no args it returns you to global chat, with args it will type it in global chat regardless of which chat channel you are in.
* Added an override permission mode for admins which allows them to ignore plot permissions.
* Added the ability for admins to listen to and enter town and civ chat channels.
* Added a basic dynmap plugin to show town borders.

CivCraft Update 18.10

balance changes:

* Base Vassal cost has been reduced to 300.
* Vassal cost is multiplied by town level, costs are now
- lvl 1, 1,399 coins
- lvl 2, 3,375 coins
- lvl 3, 5,648 coins
- lvl 4, 8,139 coins
- lvl 5, 10,805 coins
- lvl 6, 13,621 coins
- lvl 7, 16,566 coins
- lvl 8, 19,628 coins

* Added WarUpkeep for aggressor, but upkeep will not be charged for a few days. There is a grace peroid. This will allow towns to judge if the wars they are currently in are worth it.
* Vassal States can no longer make any progress on wonders. Once they become free, they will resume building.
* You can no longer surrender during wartime. You must surrender before WarTime begins.


* Reset dynmap update rate back to normal
* Fixed not being able to place lava/tnt
* Fixed some (more)internal problems with the trommel.
* Fixed various async issues causing low TPS
* Fixed being able to declare war during WarTime.
* Fixed structures from destroying blocks that you do not have permission to destroy. Also prevent players from destroying chests while building structures.
* Fixed wartime coming back on after wartime ends.
* Fixed internal vassal state bug.
* Fixed WarTimer announcement during war being 30 seconds, now displays every 5 mins.

CivCraft Update 18.6


* Added /civ command which shows basic server stats, including pings and TPS. Will expand to include more stuff as time goes on.
* Added "/civ time" command which shows the current system time, the next trade/cottage tick time, and the next upkeep time.
* Dynmap now shows which towns are in debt and how many days remain before auction/deletion.

balance changes:

* Base fail-rate for piracy has changed from 10% to 0%
* Base fail-rate for compromise spies has changed from 10% to 0%
* Ender-pearls can now have a 3 second cooldown on use.
* Ender-pearls no longer allow for teleportation through walls.


* Fixed server time being incorrect, war will now start at the proper 2pm PST.
* Another attempt at trommel fix. Also added more debug info to help debug issues.
* Fixed spies not surviving reboots
* Fixed Co-modification error in espionage missions.
* Fixed Co-modification error in temple sacrifices.
* Fixed /dm command not working properly for some towns.
* Fixed /town color command sending internal error with no arguments
* Fixed NPE in sessionDB.
* Fixed town's culture sometimes overlapping the town on the dynmap making viewing the info popup impossible.
* Fixed piracy not working properly.

CivCraft Update 18.4

Hello again! Just another CivCraft Update, mostly bug fixes and performance tweaks again.


* Added /town mines command that shows the progress for mines like /town cottage


* Cottages should now refund the correct amount of money when using /build undo
* Trade outposts can no longer be built in town outpost plots. (must ALWAYS be built in culture)
* /town color command no longer checks for colors being "too close" you can pick any color now (except pure red, reserved for town blocks)
* Fixed potential MYSQL injection attack.
* Fixed NullPointerException in /town trade command causing "internal errors"
* Fixed flat tax not being charged when no property tax was set.
* Fixed website redirect for dynmap: should work now ;)
* Dynmap no longer shows each structure, multiple structures of the same kind are counted instead.
* Fixed War/Vassal message incorrectly stating that the master town was the vassal and vice versa
* Fixed /build command showing the incorrect number of available structures left over.
* Fixed "At War" message being shown between each chunk.
* Additional performance tweaks in main thread, dealing mostly with diplomatic state checks
* Added new plugin to control chunk loading/unloading and caching.

balance changes:

* Town hall build time slightly increased(from 5 seconds to 60 seconds)
* Town hall health increased from 400 HP to 10,000 HP
* Grace for upkeep blocks no longer in effect
* Grace for not having a town hall no longer in effect
* Grace blocks for upkeep increased from 5 to 8

CivCraft Update 18.3

Mostly just bugfixes and some performance tweaks. Need to get the server performing well again.


* /town withdraw has been re-enabled.
* /town upkeep will now show you the amount of coins you *will eventually be charged* due to town block spread. See this thread for details:


* Fixed conncurrency problems with /build undo and /town demolish commands
* Daily upkeep code will now check for anarchy expiration before charging you.
* Fixed farm chunks not being removed internally when demolished.
* Mayors and residents no longer pay a flat tax when set.
* Temple now saves culture in the DB when it adds it to the town.
* Towers no longer check distances between players who are in different worlds(aka overworld vs nether, fixes some errors in logs)
* Farm template no longer contains fully grown wheat.

Potential performance improvements:

* Cleaned up/optimized the main thread for block breaking and placing
* Settings and SessionDB entries are now cached and asynchronously written/deleted/updated to the back end database.
* Reduced total mobs per chunk and made other tweaks to the craftbukkit config.

CivCraft Update 18

The Borders of CivCraft have expanded!

Here is the changelist for CivCraft Update 18


* Added new information commands: /town trade, /town cottage, /town upkeep, /town culture, /town government.
* New Government Communism.
* Added Tile Improvement support
* Added Mine tile improvement
* Added Farm tile improvement
* Added Trade outpost tile improvement
* Added Wall tile improvement
* Added Wonders
* Added The Great Pyramid wonder.
* Added The Hanging Gardens wonder.
* Added The Colossus wonder.
* Added Diplomacy
* Added diplomatic states NEUTRAL, PEACE, WAR, and VASSAL
* Added new message notification on login.
* Added Espionage
* Added spies.
* Added spy missions: investigate city, poison granary, steal treasury, subvert government, pirate goods, and sabotage.
* Added Culture
* Will receive notification when a non-member enters your town's borders.
* If player is in range of a scout tower, their coordinates will also be provided.
* Towers and Tile improvements can be built outside town city limits, but inside culture.
* Added Structures
* Monument - increases hourly cultural output of town.
* Temple - Allows players to make sacrifices to boost culture output. Increases hourly cultural output of town.
* Barracks - Allows players to train spies and increase their spies level.
* Scout Tower - Informs town of the location of non-members inside their borders. Will do so when they enter and every 60 seconds.
* Watch Tower - Will fire arrows at enemies within it's range.
* Cannon Tower - Will fire powerful fireballs at enemies within it's range.
* Rework of Trade resources. No longer need rail outposts or to be connected to rails.
* Trade resources now generate more coins based on how many of the same type you have.

Bug Fixes:

* Towns can no longer switch to any government type without having the technology.
* Can no longer purchase level upgrades for structures before they are built. (fixes some issues with signs not updating correctly for the structure after it was built)
* Fixed internal errors being generated when using /resident and /towny prices when you were not a member of a town.
* Fixed template orientation for Libraries, Banks, and Trommels
* When towns are deleted, they now cleanup their goods and structures. Resulting in less problems later on.
* Fixed cottages not refunding the correct amount.

Balance Changes:

Government changes

* Despotism is now 200% bonus to Trommel.
* Protected rail is now only 1 coin per block
* Anarchy is now a 500% upkeep penalty
* Anarchy only grows crops at 30% growth rate
* Anarchy now lasts 24 hours.
* Governments now have hammer and culture rate modifiers. See wiki for details.

Structure Changes
* You can now build unlimited Granaries for food storage.
* You can now build up to three Trommels.

Cottage Changes
* Cottage level 1 now provides 50 coins per hour. Consumes 2 bread, 1 carrot
* Cottage level 2 now provides 100 coins per hour. Consumes 2 bread, 1 carrot 1 potato
* Cottage level 3 now provides 150 coins per hour. Consumes 3 bread, 2 carrot 1, potato, 1 raw pork
* Cottage level 4 now provides 250 coins per hour. Consumes 3 bread, 3 carrot, 2 potato, 1 raw pork, 1 raw beef
* Cottage level 5 now provides 450 coins per hour. Consumes 4 bread, 4 carrot, 3 potato, 2 raw pork, 1 raw beef, 1 Mushroom soup.

Upkeep Changes:
* Store upkeep increased from 15 to 250 coins
* Library upkeep increased from 150 to 1,500 coins
* Grocer upkeep increased from 15 to 150 coins
* Lumber Mill upkeep increased from 15 to 250 coins.
* Blacksmith upkeep increased from 250 to 2,000 coins.
* Granary upkeep increased from 1,250 to 10,000 coins.
* Cottage upkeep increased from 25 to 1,000 coins.
* Trommel upkeep increased from 150 to 1,000 coins.

CivCraft Maintenance Update

Hey guys! Still working on that feature update. (It’s pretty epic =P) but in the meantime some server instability issues needed to be addressed. Here is the technicals for those who are interested.

Oh! Since it’s starting to get to be winter in the Northern Hemisphere, I figured it ought to be “summer” in Minecraft. (Aka A LOT LESS rain and thunderstorms).

Enjoy :)


* Updated to a new version of craftbukkit. Hopefully will be more stable
* Added a new way to keep track of exceptions and errors which should make them easier to track down.
* Fixed up many of the timers which run so that when they DO throw errors, only the town that caused the error is effected. Other towns/cottages/goods should continue to function as normal.
* Reduced frequency of storms by roughly 10x.

CivCraft update 17


* Fixed an issue with rail outposts not building in the correct location.
* Fixed an issue where the rail attached to a rail outpost was not considered "protected rail" and causing trade routes that were connected in a long line to sometimes fail.
* Fixed an cottage message that was incorrectly displaying the wrong message after leveling up.
* Structures now build slowly over time. This is a required change to support building wonders.
* Undo system has been reworked to be more reliable.
* The dynmap now shows towns, as well as structures.
* Fixed a couple broken trade goods that I had coordinates for. Please read this thread for details:

CivCraft Update 16


* Fixed cottage message, now prints out the amount you actually get with government bonuses.
* Added code to force the creation of signs and chests and other protected structure objects. This will help in the event the world somehow gets out of sync with the database, should help keep structures working through reloads/restarts.
* When building structures, it now checks to make sure it wont destroy a "protected" block (both rails and trade goods).
* Updated to latest Craftbukkit.

Known issues:

* Crop growth needs to be rebalanced.
* Dynmap Civcraft plugin needs to be updated.