Beta Phase 2 update 3


* Added the ability to set the owner on plots with "/plot setowner [name]. By setting the owner of a plot to "none" you give it back to town.
* Added the ability to unclaim town plots. Stand in the plot and use "/town unclaim"
* Added new command "/town info rates" which shows culture, growth, cottage and trade rates for the town you're in.
* Added new "/plot farminfo" command to help debug farm issues, shows last growth and which blocks grew.
* Eviction is now instant if you do not own land.
* Structure can now contain blocks outside of town borders, but must still be built inside town borders.
* Addressed lag on the dynmap, it should hopefully run faster now.
* Fixed farm plots becoming active before farm structure was finished.
* Fixed structures not building during Anarchy.

Server remains on 1.4.5

If you’ve logged in to minecraft today, it will have asked you to update your client, if you did so you will no longer be able to connect to the server since Minecraft updated to 1.4.6 today.
I will be updating the server as soon as Bukkit and several other critical plugins get ported over to the new version, in the mean time you will have to downgrade to 1.4.5 in order to play.

To do that, download the minecraft 1.4.5 jar from here

The follow this tutorial(sorry for the loud music in it)

Important War Balancing Update

In addition to the changes in 18.4, I’ve also added an important update for declaring war. You can no longer declare war within 3 days of the weekend war time, this gives towns time to prepare for war and prevents some of the town hall sniping we saw last time. (Sorry Mayapan =[ )

Oh and war upkeep has been removed.

Minecraft 1.4 upgrade plan

Hey all!

It’s that time again. Minecraft 1.4 is due to come out tomorrow. So I’d like to let you all know what the upgrade plan is. Currently we are going to stay on 1.3 for about one week to let bukkit and other plugins catch up to 1.4. We are NOT going to wipe the world so you may need to travel to see some of the newer content.
Also, we may have to disable/change some of the new features that are coming in (such as the Anvil) since it messes with the balancing of CivCraft. Rest assured though that we will find a way to be allow you to rename your items like the anvil lets you do.

So for the next week please do not update to 1.4 unless you know how to switch versions. If you’ve already upgraded here is a link to the Minecraft Version Changer that will allow you to switch back to 1.3.1 so you can once again connect to the server.

Calling all Mayors! Get your town its own private forum!

Hey all,

Thanks to a great idea by the mayor of Baludr’s Gate, Grey Corbin. We’ve decided to create special groups and forum access for Mayors of towns so that they can create their own private forums. Mayors will be given leadership access so that they can add and remove people to the forums as they please.

To get your own forum, please pm Netizen539 on the forums with your town name and he will make a new forum for you.

Group leaders will be able to add other users to the forum on their own by going to “user control panel” in the top right, then selecting “usergroups” on the left menu. Then select “manage-groups” on the left menu again, then goto “manage users” in the middle right of the page.

Donations page back online!

Hey guys, I’ve got the donations page working again. Please help us donate for better server hardware! We were able to get a RAM upgrade from your guy’s last contributions, if we get enough for a new CPU we’d be able to reduce lag on the server quite a bit!

As always, donations are completely optional. You’ll be rewarded with a few extra coins, but not a game-breaking amount.




Netizen is making awesome progress on the code and i have the wiki and templates nearly complete. We will be ready for launch on the 17th. The servers will be launched at 7:00pm PST on Friday the 17th of august!

Along with the launch of the new server will be a massive content update to Civcraft adding goverment types, new improvements and TRADE!

Mojang has released 1.3.

Hey Everbody!

You may have noticed that Minecraft 1.3 was released by Mojang and the server is still 1.2.5. The bad news is that we are stuck on 1.2.5 until bukkit updates to 1.3 and it may take even longer if it takes more time to update the plugins. So if you want to log in you’ll have to get the 1.2.5 client and install it.

First go here and get the minecraft 1.2.5 .jar file:
Then goto start and in the search box type: “%appdata%” (if you are on windows XP, click on “run” and type it in there)
Browse to the “.minecraft/bin” folder and replace the minecraft.jar file with the one you just downloaded.

You should be downgraded to 1.2.5 and able to login.

Thanks for your patience guys :)

Server Wipe After 1.3

Netizen and I have come to the conclusion that a server wipe will be best for our community. I know all of you put a lot of work into your towns, we have seen many impressive creations from the mighty walls of Jefferson to the capital of kings landing. Although there are simply to many awesome structures to list here, I want to thank all of you for making our beta test amazing by providing helpful suggestions and bug reports. I remember telling you guys that I wouldn’t wipe the beta server unless it was absolutely necessary… Well unfortunately it’s absolutely necessary, there are many technical problems with the addition of emeralds that will make our server in its current state unplayable. Mojang had been hyping their new mod API that apparently won’t be released until next patch? Because of this our transition of plugins will be rough and time consuming so please be patient while we move everything over. the list below is just a few of the arguments that pushed us towards the final decision of a wipe.

- Without a wipe all the towns banks will be broken with the addition of emeralds
- The current known world that measures 15,000 blocks in some areas will not contain 1.3 content, Emeralds, large biomes etc..
- Because the explored world is so big it would make it insanely hard to explain to new players that they have to travel 15,000 blocks for 1.3 content
- Finding emeralds will be very hard to find and near impossible for new players who are getting started.
- Advertising for the server will be impossible since nobody will want to play on a server with 1.2.5 content that covers the entire first continent.

Thanks again for helping us with the BETA and we hope to see you on the server after wipe. The server will remain up in it current form until we have all of our plugins working with 1.3. Although we don’t have an official 1.3 launch date I thought it was only fair to give the community advanced warning. The wipe should take place sometime in the next 3 weeks.

Edit: Anybody that has already donated will receive the donation amount in coins after the wipe giving them a nice head start.

First Library!

Congratulations to dave_x and his friends at Aboria who became the first town to build the Library improvement.

The Library improvement allows you to purchase enchantments on items with coins. The enchantment you can purchase depends on the upgrades that are purchased for the library. Currently there can only be one enchantment per library so head on over to Aboria and see what they’ve selected!