Downtime Tonight

Hey everyone! I finally got my grubby mitts on our new server and I’m configuring it tonight. At 8pm PST tonight I’m going to take the server down for a few hours and migrate all of the stuff over to the new server.

I’ll make a post here when the server is back online. I will be modifying the hostname “” to point to the new server but because of the way DNS works, it may take a few days to propagate through the internet. In the meantime you’ll be able to connect to the new IP directly instead:

Compared to our old server processing power has increased, the RAM speed has increased, but most importantly we are getting an upgrade to a 100MBit dedicated internet line. This was all made possible by your donations so this server belongs to you guys as much as it belongs to us. Enjoy the new digs guys!

Technical Specs for those interested:

Processor: Intel Xeon E3-1230 Sandy Bridge 3.2GHz Quad-Core Server
Memory: 16 GB
1st Hard Drive: 3 TB SATA (7200 RPM)
Bandwidth & Port: 100 Mbps

Dynmap map update problem?

The dynmap is working fine, but it looks like the sometimes the browser cache is out of date. If you see a message saying that the dynmap’s files are not the correct version and need updating simply push “Shift-F5″ on the dynmap page and you will see the map again.

Minecraft 1.4 is here!

Hey everyone, great news!

I’ve got the Minecraft 1.4 update installed on the server, so you all can update your clients now! Villager trade is still disabled but we’ve decided to make the anvil will be fully functional in this update.

I’ve had to update a lot of plugins so there is a chance that you will encounter issues. If you find one, please report it in the “Bug Reports” section on the forums.

Happy Mining!

Possible forum downtime

Hey guys,

I’ve figured out how the bots are breaking the recaptcha plugin and getting in, but in order to fix it I need to reinstall the forum. I’ll try to keep it up as I replace/reinstall files but if you experience forum downtime/strangeness don’t panic! It’s just me trying to fix things.

Downtime Tonight

There will be a 30min of scheduled downtime on Thursday June 28th 2012, at 10:00pm PST. I will be performing a major software update that will require a fair bit of testing and I want to make sure everything is green before letting people on.

Thanks for your patience.