First Library!

Congratulations to dave_x and his friends at Aboria who became the first town to build the Library improvement.

The Library improvement allows you to purchase enchantments on items with coins. The enchantment you can purchase depends on the upgrades that are purchased for the library. Currently there can only be one enchantment per library so head on over to Aboria and see what they’ve selected!

CivTowny Update 9


* Migrated Towny from flatfile to SQL server. (yeah about time =P)
* MASSIVE update to how structures are handled internally, making them easier to create.
* Structures are now defined in a yml configuration file.
* Structures can now execute code at specified intervals
* The blocks that make structures are now defined by a template which can be exported with WorldEdit.
* Updated structure templates for bank, store, library and grocer.
* Structures now build so that the entrance to the structure faces the player who built it.
* You can now undo the placement of a structure using "/town build undo". The undo level only sticks around for a little while and should only be used to help fine tune placement of structures. For anti-duplication reasons, there is only 1 undo level that gets cleared each time you use it.
* Structures are now placed in front of the player instead of on top of the player.
* Towns can now support multiple structures of the same type.(Note: none of the current structures are allowed to have duplicates)
* Added Library
* Town structures now make a global announcement when their fee rate changes.
* Town structures can no longer be built outside of town.
* Dynmap now shows all structures owned by a town instead of just banks and stores.
* Dynmap now displays town level.
* Dynmap now shows towns that are in debt, how much they are in debt, and how many days they have left until they go up for sale/deleted.
* Decreased the growth rate on everything. =P

Downtime Tonight

There will be a 30min of scheduled downtime on Thursday June 28th 2012, at 10:00pm PST. I will be performing a major software update that will require a fair bit of testing and I want to make sure everything is green before letting people on.

Thanks for your patience.

CivTowny Update 8

Increased Max Plot Limit per Level

Settlement: 8 up from 4
Hamlet: 16 Up from 8
Village: 32 up from 16
Town: 64 up from 32
Large Town: 128 up from 64
City: 128 No Change
Large City: 256 No Change
Metropolis: 512 No Change

Have a nice day!

CivTowny Update 7


* Town Mayors and Assistants can now build on unowned plots when all permissions are set to off
* Plot claims no longer report success when they actually fail.
* Town Mayors and Assistants are no longer able to unclaim plots that belong to residents.
* New players now start with 250 coins to spend at the town grocery.
* Fixed a bug where town upgrade costs from the previous update were not applied properly.

Balance Changes

Reduce the cost of Town to 45K down from 55K
reduce the cost of large town to 85K down from 125K
reduce the cost of city to 125K down from 195K
reduce the cost of large city to 165K down from 250K
reduce the cost of metropolis to 250K down from 500K

library reduced upgrade costs

reduce the cost of library level 2 to 35K down from 75K
reduce the cost of library level 3 to 50K down from 150K
reduce the cost of library level 4 to 75K down from 350K

Grocery Store Upgrade costs

reduce the cost of grocery level 3 to 15K down from 25K
reduce the cost of grocery level 4 to 25K down from 50K

Store Stocking price Change

Store tier 2
stone stock price 5k x64 cost $75
sandstone stock price 5K x64 cost $100
moss stone stock price 10K x64 cost $150
SoulSand stock price 2K x64 cost $50

Store tier 3
Brick stock price 15K x64 cost $250
Nether brick stock price 10K x64 cost $100
End Stone stock price 8K x64 cost $50
White wool stock price 25K x64 cost $500

Store tier 4
Obsidian Stock price noChange x64 cost $250
Glowstone stock price 30K x64 cost $500
Lapiz Block stock price 50K x64 cost $1000
Jungle Stone stock price 25K x64 cost $250

CivTowny Update 5


* Fix bug were you could not kick residents from town

Balance changes:

* Reduced cost of Upgrade to Halmet from 25,000 to 15,000
* Reduced cost of Upgrade to Village from 35,000 to 25,000
* The cost of claiming a plot has been reduced from 2,500 coins to 1,000 coins.
* The maximum number of plots for each town level has been reduced to 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512 for Settlement, Hamlet, Village, Town, Large Town, City, Large City, and Metropolis respectively.

* Unlock Banking level 1 now costs 10,000 coins instead of 20,000 coins.

* Unlock Store level 1 now costs 1,500 coins instead of 15,000 coins.
* Unlock Store level 2 now costs 25,000 coins instead of 50,000 coins.
* Unlock Store level 3 now costs 50,000 coins instead of 125,000 coins.
* Unlock Store level 4 now costs 100,000 coins instead of 200,000 coins.

* Stocking upgrade for Dirt reduced to 350. A 64 stack is now 25.
* Stocking upgrade for Sand reduced to 500. A 64 stack is now 35.
* Stocking upgrade for Gravel reduced to 500. A 64 stack is now 35.
* Stocking upgrade for NetherRack reduced to 500. A 64 stack is now 35.

* The difference in cost of already purchased upgrades will be refunded to the town treasury.

Other Plugins:

* Fixed a duplication exploit.
* Updated Craftbukkit.

First Bank!

Congratulations to Krazyarab of Stonefort who managed to be the first town to build the town bank improvement.

You can now see which towns have banks and stores by clicking on their name’s in the dynamic map. The map will show you the bank’s exchange rate and its non-member fee so you can determine if the hike is worth it to exchange things. You can use it to gauge which town you wish to join since joining a town with a higher level bank is desirable :)

Happy mining!

CivTowny Update 4

Server upgrade completed :)

Also an update to CivTowny.


* stores now give the proper amount of items
* store signs now display the non resident fees on them
* Towns that have not payed their debt after 5 days will now go on sale for their value + debt instead of just the debt. The "value" of a town is equal to the cost of all the upgrades plus its founding cost at a 50% discount
* Added Banks and Stores to the dynmap map. Click on a town and it will show you the level and tax rate of that bank
* A global message is now sent when a town expands its borders.

Other Plugin updates:

* added logblock and anti-xray plugins