Scheduled Downtime for server upgrade

Hey all,

Good news! We’ve got new hardware! It’s ready to go but will require about 30 mins of downtime. We’ll be taking the server down for 30mins tonight at 10pm PST to perform the upgrade.

New Specs:

  • Dual Core i5 @3.7Ghz
  • 16GB RAM @1333Mhz
  • 128GB SSD (holds the MC world and OS)
  • 2 TB HDD (holds hourly backups)

Thanks for your patience, this should improve server performance by a great deal :)
- Netizen539

CivTowny Update 3

Time for another update :) expect these often.

* Fixed issue with store reset not working
* Bank Signs now show the Tax you are going to pay on them.
* /town command updated with information on structure levels.
* /town command now displays tax as a percentage instead of a decimal.

* Added Towny extension, towns now show up on dynmap.

CivTowny Day 2

Hey Guys!

Great first day everyone! Congratulations to TeraZax who was able to build the first town, King’s Landing! And an honorable mention to the runner up getmeapizza who created the second town of Kapip less than one hour later!

I updated CivCraft last night, here is the changelog for this update:

* Added levels to town stores
* Added 4 Tiers of items for stores (see the tutorial for which items)
* Installed Craftbukkit++ (Improved Performance)
* Fixed PvP being on in Arendal.
* Added reset option to town stores.