CivCraft Update 16


* Fixed cottage message, now prints out the amount you actually get with government bonuses.
* Added code to force the creation of signs and chests and other protected structure objects. This will help in the event the world somehow gets out of sync with the database, should help keep structures working through reloads/restarts.
* When building structures, it now checks to make sure it wont destroy a "protected" block (both rails and trade goods).
* Updated to latest Craftbukkit.

Known issues:

* Crop growth needs to be rebalanced.
* Dynmap Civcraft plugin needs to be updated.

Donations page back online!

Hey guys, I’ve got the donations page working again. Please help us donate for better server hardware! We were able to get a RAM upgrade from your guy’s last contributions, if we get enough for a new CPU we’d be able to reduce lag on the server quite a bit!

As always, donations are completely optional. You’ll be rewarded with a few extra coins, but not a game-breaking amount.


CivCraft Update 14


* Fixed a terrible bug where chunks would unload, causing chest based structures to fail. (Trommel, LumberMill, Granary)
* Fixed cottage refund amount when /town build undo is used.
* Fixed cottages not generating coins
* Fixed the granary structure template which caused the granary's stairs to be rotated terribly.
* Added "/town trade" command to give more detailed information on trade output.
* Banks now properly exchange iron at 10 coins.
* Banks now display the proper name when exchanging emeralds.
* Max Cottages is now 5 instead of 4.

Government Changes
*Increased the penalty to 20% of off focus wealth generation per Govnernment.

Structure Changes
*Trommel now only produces 1 gravel per cobble stone
*Trommel rates decreased to 0.02(iron) 0.01(gold) 0.0025(diamond) 0.0015(emerald)
*Cottage now shows what level it is and how much progress is needed until the next level.

Trade Balance Change
*Rail outposts now cost $5000 and are increased by 50% per rail outpost after the first.
*You are now limited to 5 trade outposts(max of 5 trade routes)
* ALL TRADE OUTPOSTS HAVE BEEN DELETED, they will LOOK like they are there but you have to rebuild them ;)

CivCraft Update 13


* Fixed some issues/weirdness with chest based structures (Trommel, Lumber Mill, Granary). They should now function properly.
* There is a known issue with the trommel, it will stop working when the chunk is unloaded. After the chunk is reloaded it should start again(sometimes takes a while).
* Fixed trade income not being accumulated for all trade goods.
* Fixed trade income being miscalculated.
* Fixed some issues with timers causing the lumber mill to spaz out.
* Structures now have upkeep costs.
* Structures now have construction costs. (undo will refund the cost)

Introducing CivCraft 1.3

Hey all,

I’m Pleased to announce the launch of the new civcraft 1.3 server! There has been a lot of changes to the game since last anybody has played and I’m looking forward to seeing how it all plays out. Here is a list of things that have been changed.

  • Governments
    • 5 Different government types have been added: Anarchy, Tribalism, Despotism, Monarchy, and Theocracy
    • Governments can effect many different things including taxes, trade, cottages, and growth rates for crops
    • Governments are unlocked by purchasing the required upgrades for your town.
    • See the wiki on Governments for more details
  • Trade
    • Trade goods now randomly generate themselves and are scattered across the world of CivCraft.
    • By connecting trade goods to your town, you will be generate coins every hour.
    • The more trade goods of the same type you connect, the more money you generate
  • New Structures
    • The Trommel is a new improvement that can convert cobblestone into precious metals
    • The Cottage improvement generates coins for your town and can be leveled up by feeding it bread
    • The Granary stores bread for your cottages so they can level up.
    • The Rail Station allows your town to build protected rails and connect your town to trade goods
    • The Rail Outpost is used to claim trade goods for your town
  • Changes from CivCraft BETA
    • The Blacksmith’s smelt ability can now only be used by the town residents that own the blacksmith.
    • The Blacksmith’s forge ability now costs 250 coins and charges a non-resident fee.
    • Towns can now set a flat tax on all residents in town.
    • The Lumber Mill improvement’s maximum output for each wood type has been reduced from 64 to 32.
    • This list is not compelete!



Netizen is making awesome progress on the code and i have the wiki and templates nearly complete. We will be ready for launch on the 17th. The servers will be launched at 7:00pm PST on Friday the 17th of august!

Along with the launch of the new server will be a massive content update to Civcraft adding goverment types, new improvements and TRADE!

Mojang has released 1.3.

Hey Everbody!

You may have noticed that Minecraft 1.3 was released by Mojang and the server is still 1.2.5. The bad news is that we are stuck on 1.2.5 until bukkit updates to 1.3 and it may take even longer if it takes more time to update the plugins. So if you want to log in you’ll have to get the 1.2.5 client and install it.

First go here and get the minecraft 1.2.5 .jar file:
Then goto start and in the search box type: “%appdata%” (if you are on windows XP, click on “run” and type it in there)
Browse to the “.minecraft/bin” folder and replace the minecraft.jar file with the one you just downloaded.

You should be downgraded to 1.2.5 and able to login.

Thanks for your patience guys :)