Minecraft 1.4 upgrade plan

Hey all!

It’s that time again. Minecraft 1.4 is due to come out tomorrow. So I’d like to let you all know what the upgrade plan is. Currently we are going to stay on 1.3 for about one week to let bukkit and other plugins catch up to 1.4. We are NOT going to wipe the world so you may need to travel to see some of the newer content.
Also, we may have to disable/change some of the new features that are coming in (such as the Anvil) since it messes with the balancing of CivCraft. Rest assured though that we will find a way to be allow you to rename your items like the anvil lets you do.

So for the next week please do not update to 1.4 unless you know how to switch versions. If you’ve already upgraded here is a link to the Minecraft Version Changer that will allow you to switch back to 1.3.1 so you can once again connect to the server.

Calling all Mayors! Get your town its own private forum!

Hey all,

Thanks to a great idea by the mayor of Baludr’s Gate, Grey Corbin. We’ve decided to create special groups and forum access for Mayors of towns so that they can create their own private forums. Mayors will be given leadership access so that they can add and remove people to the forums as they please.

To get your own forum, please pm Netizen539 on the forums with your town name and he will make a new forum for you.

Group leaders will be able to add other users to the forum on their own by going to “user control panel” in the top right, then selecting “usergroups” on the left menu. Then select “manage-groups” on the left menu again, then goto “manage users” in the middle right of the page.

CivCraft Maintenance Update

Hey guys! Still working on that feature update. (It’s pretty epic =P) but in the meantime some server instability issues needed to be addressed. Here is the technicals for those who are interested.

Oh! Since it’s starting to get to be winter in the Northern Hemisphere, I figured it ought to be “summer” in Minecraft. (Aka A LOT LESS rain and thunderstorms).

Enjoy :)


* Updated to a new version of craftbukkit. Hopefully will be more stable
* Added a new way to keep track of exceptions and errors which should make them easier to track down.
* Fixed up many of the timers which run so that when they DO throw errors, only the town that caused the error is effected. Other towns/cottages/goods should continue to function as normal.
* Reduced frequency of storms by roughly 10x.