CivCraft Update 18

The Borders of CivCraft have expanded!

Here is the changelist for CivCraft Update 18


* Added new information commands: /town trade, /town cottage, /town upkeep, /town culture, /town government.
* New Government Communism.
* Added Tile Improvement support
* Added Mine tile improvement
* Added Farm tile improvement
* Added Trade outpost tile improvement
* Added Wall tile improvement
* Added Wonders
* Added The Great Pyramid wonder.
* Added The Hanging Gardens wonder.
* Added The Colossus wonder.
* Added Diplomacy
* Added diplomatic states NEUTRAL, PEACE, WAR, and VASSAL
* Added new message notification on login.
* Added Espionage
* Added spies.
* Added spy missions: investigate city, poison granary, steal treasury, subvert government, pirate goods, and sabotage.
* Added Culture
* Will receive notification when a non-member enters your town's borders.
* If player is in range of a scout tower, their coordinates will also be provided.
* Towers and Tile improvements can be built outside town city limits, but inside culture.
* Added Structures
* Monument - increases hourly cultural output of town.
* Temple - Allows players to make sacrifices to boost culture output. Increases hourly cultural output of town.
* Barracks - Allows players to train spies and increase their spies level.
* Scout Tower - Informs town of the location of non-members inside their borders. Will do so when they enter and every 60 seconds.
* Watch Tower - Will fire arrows at enemies within it's range.
* Cannon Tower - Will fire powerful fireballs at enemies within it's range.
* Rework of Trade resources. No longer need rail outposts or to be connected to rails.
* Trade resources now generate more coins based on how many of the same type you have.

Bug Fixes:

* Towns can no longer switch to any government type without having the technology.
* Can no longer purchase level upgrades for structures before they are built. (fixes some issues with signs not updating correctly for the structure after it was built)
* Fixed internal errors being generated when using /resident and /towny prices when you were not a member of a town.
* Fixed template orientation for Libraries, Banks, and Trommels
* When towns are deleted, they now cleanup their goods and structures. Resulting in less problems later on.
* Fixed cottages not refunding the correct amount.

Balance Changes:

Government changes

* Despotism is now 200% bonus to Trommel.
* Protected rail is now only 1 coin per block
* Anarchy is now a 500% upkeep penalty
* Anarchy only grows crops at 30% growth rate
* Anarchy now lasts 24 hours.
* Governments now have hammer and culture rate modifiers. See wiki for details.

Structure Changes
* You can now build unlimited Granaries for food storage.
* You can now build up to three Trommels.

Cottage Changes
* Cottage level 1 now provides 50 coins per hour. Consumes 2 bread, 1 carrot
* Cottage level 2 now provides 100 coins per hour. Consumes 2 bread, 1 carrot 1 potato
* Cottage level 3 now provides 150 coins per hour. Consumes 3 bread, 2 carrot 1, potato, 1 raw pork
* Cottage level 4 now provides 250 coins per hour. Consumes 3 bread, 3 carrot, 2 potato, 1 raw pork, 1 raw beef
* Cottage level 5 now provides 450 coins per hour. Consumes 4 bread, 4 carrot, 3 potato, 2 raw pork, 1 raw beef, 1 Mushroom soup.

Upkeep Changes:
* Store upkeep increased from 15 to 250 coins
* Library upkeep increased from 150 to 1,500 coins
* Grocer upkeep increased from 15 to 150 coins
* Lumber Mill upkeep increased from 15 to 250 coins.
* Blacksmith upkeep increased from 250 to 2,000 coins.
* Granary upkeep increased from 1,250 to 10,000 coins.
* Cottage upkeep increased from 25 to 1,000 coins.
* Trommel upkeep increased from 150 to 1,000 coins.

Update 18 is here! Main Server will be UP at 8:00PM PST TODAY

Netizen and I have literally been working 12 hours straight from 6pm – 6am last night making the finishing touches and fixing the last few bugs. It’s 1:00 PM and We just woke up and are back at it!

Update 18 is a collection of hundreds of hours of work. Netizen has spent the better part of the last 3 months coding it and i can tell you it was worth every bit of the wait. Just to give you an idea of the scale, this update is adding about 2 times the content that all the previous updates content combined. There has also been a heavy focus on improving the servers performance and making the plugins run smoother. This required heavy modifications to our previous infrastructure of CivCraft. I’m also pleased to announce that we have a bit of surprise content that was not previously going to be released in this update, so stay tuned!

A huge Thanks to our Template team that provides the models for our structures they look awesome! Special thanks to ex_cathedra as we will be using most of his/her designs

Server is now 1.4.4

Please feel free to update your clients. News from Mojang is that there is a 1.4.5 coming out next week, but the good news is it will not require a server update. So you can feel free to update to 1.4.5 when it is available.

Happy Mining :)

Tower Siege Preview

Here is a small teaser for Arrow and Cannon towers in next CivCraft 18 update. Robosnail was up all last night cobbeling this together from some raw footage we made yesterday. The raw footage had some sound issues and Robosnail did a great job with it considering it’s is first time using this video editing software.

All in all I think it turned out well. Take a look, share, like, subscribe!

Server Remains on 1.4.2

Hey Guys,

When I tried to update the server to 1.4.4 I noticed that one of the plugins didn’t like it. The author is currently working on a fix so until then we will remain on 1.4.2. I’ll be watching, hour by hour for an update to come through then I’ll be able to upgrade the server to 1.4.4

If you need the 1.4.2 jar file it can be found here.

The Minecraft version changer is not updated yet, so you’ll have to follow these instructions if you don’t already know how to downgrade.

Thanks for your patience.

Do Not Rename your Towns!

Renaming is a Towny feature that is not currently supported. Yes, there is a command that does this, but the net result is broken structures/trade/goods and even lost items in the blacksmith so DONT DO IT. I’m working on a “fix” for this but in the meantime it’s best to just stick with your town’s old name.

CivCraft Update 18 this Weekend

Hello all,

The long awaited CivCraft 18 update is on it’s way and will be ready (hopefully) this weekend. There is a small chance it may be delayed until next week pending balancing changes.

So what’s in the update? Glad you asked! So much!

Features have been kind of slow to come out the last couple of months. The reason for this is that this particular group of features, IMHO, need to be released together for the best effect. Adding one of these features without the others seemed incomplete to me, as each one greatly effects the outcome how of the game will be played from now on.

Tile Improvements
This update introduces the concept of tile improvements to CivCraft. Tile improvements are like structures except they take up an entire chunk and can be built within your town’s culture instead of just your town’s city-limits. This update contains the following Tile Improvements:

  • Trade Outposts: A replacement for rail outposts. They mine trade goods but do not require a railway to connect to them.
  • Farms: A chunk that experiences growth. Based on your town’s growth rate, this may grow slower or faster than the vanilla Minecraft growth rate.
  • Mines: Take redstone as a fuel and increase your town’s hammer-rate. The hammer rate determines how fast structures build. This is important for Wonders.
  • Walls: Walls prevent enemy towns from digging underneath them during a war. This will help towns secure areas and forces enemies to attack walls and turrets

Tile improvements are going to make a couple of very important changes to the way money is generated from trade and cottages. Specific Balance changes are:

  • Rail Outposts are deprecated and will be removed. Protected rail and Rail Stations will remain for those who wish to use it for fast travel. But it will not be required to connect trade goods.
  • Growth will be disabled for all crops EXCEPT on the new farm tile improvements. While this change may be controversial it allows us to do two things. First, it allows CivCraft greater control over the growth rates. Allowing us to go over 100%. And second, reduces lag on the server since growth is now restricted to specific chunks. More detailed info in this forum post.
  • Trade income will be dramatically changed. You should now expect to get more coins from having more of the same good, and piracy can effect the total bonus you get from trade goods.

Soon you’ll be able to attempt to best other nations by being the first to complete a wonder. Wonders offer unique and powerful benefits to a town and it’s members and each wonder may only be constructed once. Starting a wonder will cost a significant amount of cash and will take a significant amount of time to build.
But beware! Your town’s attempt to build the wonder will be announced globally, as well as its progress (every 10% complete). Once you’ve started constructing a wonder, other towns have a chance to catch up and beat you to it by starting the wonder themselves and building more mines and feeding them more redstone to increase the hammer rate at which it builds. You may also find your town a target for espionage and war since both of these have the potential to delay the wonder you’re building and give them a chance to catch up.

In addition to the chunks that your town has claimed using coins, your town will now also lay claim to the surrounding chunks as part of your “civilization”. These “culture chunks” do not have protection like regular towny chunks, but instead serve to tell others where your borders lie. In addition to being displayed on the dynmap and looking really cool, these borders will serve a purpose during war and for espionage. When an enemy or neutral player enters your borders your town will be notified. If they are within the range of a scout tower, their location will also be given so you can dispose of them quickly before they reach your city. All spy missions need to be conducted within the cultural borders of a town, and certain structures may be built not just within the city limits, but also within the cultural borders. Allowing your town to truly take advantage of the surrounding area.
Like in Civ, the number of blocks you can claim under culture will be dependent on how much culture your town is generating. Which can be effected by buildings, wonders, and government types. There are two new buildings that effect culture:

  • Monument – This building simply adds to your town’s total cultural output. Build this if you want to compete with surrounding towns for cultural space.
  • Temple – This building increases your total cultural output by a percentage, as well as allows you to perform sacrifices to boost your cultural output through work and organization.

Diplomacy will act as a contract between towns, by allowing towns to send diplomatic messages that can read and replied to even when the town’s residents are offline. For this release, diplomacy is simple and minimal, allowing you to declare war, make peace and or cease fire agreements, declare independence from your master town as well as a surrender from a war.

My personal favorite new feature, the espionage game mechanic will allow towns to train spies which can be used defensively or offensively against other towns. When a town trains a spy, it picks a resident to be the actual spy. Once the resident is a spy he can perform espionage when inside enemy borders. Spies can do simple information gathering, poison food supplies, pirate trade outposts, subvert governments, sabotage structures/wonder production and get the names of enemy spies. Defensively spies can infiltrate enemy territory and attempt to get a list of enemy spy names. The player that has this list of names will be able to PvP any enemy spy within their own borders, even when PvP is normally off.
When a spy dies, it must be retrained, so knowing who a spy is will allow you to keep them out of your town.
Every time a spy performs a mission, a report is generated in the form of a book which can be found on the body of a spy. Additionally spies will level up depending on how many successful missions they have completed. Having a higher level spy will increase the chances of success for missions. The success rate for missions depends not only the spy’s level, but can also be effected by the presence of nearby scout towers, whether or not an enemy spy is online, and if the enemy spy is within range when the mission is performed.
This feature is going to cause a lot of drama and will hopefully give smaller towns a recourse against larger towns other than war. If your town surrenders or loses a war and is a vassal state, you can perform spy missions against the master town, but the master town cannot perform spy missions back.

Every Saturday at 8am PST the server enters a “war-time” which allows structures to be damaged. To win a war, a town must destroy the enemy town’s town hall. Once a war is won, that town will remain conquered until a independence fee is paid to the winning town, or 3 months have passed. Certain structures will have hit points, and a new set of defensive structures have been added. During war, enemy towns can break any block in your town but the items for the blocks will not drop. This prevents players from looting decorative blocks such as diamonds. Enemies will also not be able to break chests, signs, furnaces or dispensers so they will not be able to loot those for items either. Enemies will be able to place blocks also, but not water or lava blocks since they can cause havoc/difficulty when restoring. Every server reboot, all blocks broken and placed by enemies will be restored. Therefore if you want to make progress on an enemies defenses, start early, since the server reboot will reset them. Blocks can only be placed/added during war-time.

Taking down a town (even an undefended one) is a large task similar to that of taking on a raid boss in an MMO. Your town will need to be well organized to accomplish it. All structures have a health regeneration rate which in most cases should prevent a single player from destroying it on his own. Additionally, watch towers and cannon towers will fire upon enemy players making a town that invests in some defense, very difficult to capture. While you can only win or damage structures during war-time, the war ranges on during the week. PvP remains on between towns at war during the week and towers will continue to fire upon enemies. Towns will also continue to pay additional upkeep for being at war. Any town can surrender and end the war at any time by sending a surrender message to the enemy town.

Event Log
The website will now sport an event log that logs all global messages that are displayed on the server. This is particularly useful to players since they will no longer have to be online in order to keep up with what other town’s are doing. This is important for knowing when wonders are started, wars declared, and spy missions performed. This is an on-going feature that will require work outside of CivCraft and may experience updates on its own.

Well, that about covers the major features. There are quite a few bug fixes and balance changes coming in as well. So stay tuned for a full changelist when the update is released.

First Beacon at Arboria!

Congrats to Arboria for being the first town to slay the wither and craft a beacon block! They were able to gather three wither skeletion heads and summon the wither in the desert outside of Arboria and slayed the beast! They were kind enough to wait for me so that I could watch too =).

Congrats to Lazael, Michaelwh, and Sosjul!

Dynmap map update problem?

The dynmap is working fine, but it looks like the sometimes the browser cache is out of date. If you see a message saying that the dynmap’s files are not the correct version and need updating simply push “Shift-F5″ on the dynmap page and you will see the map again.

Minecraft 1.4 is here!

Hey everyone, great news!

I’ve got the Minecraft 1.4 update installed on the server, so you all can update your clients now! Villager trade is still disabled but we’ve decided to make the anvil will be fully functional in this update.

I’ve had to update a lot of plugins so there is a chance that you will encounter issues. If you find one, please report it in the “Bug Reports” section on the forums.

Happy Mining!