Beta Phase 2 Update 4


Balance Changes:

Tile improvement cap now scales properly with town level.

Settlement: 4
Hamlet: 6
Village: 8
Town: 12
Large Town: 15
City: 17
Large City: 20
Metropolis: 25

Town upkeep per level has been reduced

Settlement  $500
Hamlet $750
Village $1,250
Town $2,000
Large Town $3,500
City $5,500
Large City $7,000
Metropolis $10,000

Reduced Town distance from capital penalty.
Fixed a Bug with tech Iron working costing 450K instead of 45K
Changed distance to town upkeep cost so that it scales better with distance.


* Added "/town info culture" command.
* Fixed "/town info cottage" command being blank.
* Structures now check the player's position for being inside town instead of their corner position.
* "/town info" now displays correct upkeep numbers based on government upkeep rate.
* Fixed cottages from stagnating during the first hourly tick they are built.
* Farm plots are now properly removed when the farm structure is unbuilt.
* Culture expansion message no longer displays when the culture expands '0' chunks.

Beta Phase 2 update 3


* Added the ability to set the owner on plots with "/plot setowner [name]. By setting the owner of a plot to "none" you give it back to town.
* Added the ability to unclaim town plots. Stand in the plot and use "/town unclaim"
* Added new command "/town info rates" which shows culture, growth, cottage and trade rates for the town you're in.
* Added new "/plot farminfo" command to help debug farm issues, shows last growth and which blocks grew.
* Eviction is now instant if you do not own land.
* Structure can now contain blocks outside of town borders, but must still be built inside town borders.
* Addressed lag on the dynmap, it should hopefully run faster now.
* Fixed farm plots becoming active before farm structure was finished.
* Fixed structures not building during Anarchy.

Beta Phase 2 update 2


* Added a progress bar for technology to the town hall. Above the door there is now a 16 block long progress bar made of emerald/black wool. It will update as your research progresses.
* Fixed a bug causing farm chunks to not be loaded, hence no growth.
* Number of coins per beaker have been changed from 100 to 1.5, this more closely mirrors my intentions, since 1 beaker is equal to 1 mins worth of research.

Beakers can only be converted to coins from tax income collected from towns which for now means only cottage and trade income.

For example, lets say all of your towns make a combined income of 1,000 coins. Your civ's tax rate is 50%, and your civ's science percentage is 50%. This means your civilization collects 500 coins from each of its towns for income tax, then 50% of that (250 coins) is converted into beakers. Which will now provide about 167 beakers.

Beta Phase 2 and first update!

Hey all, beta phase 2 was released last night. A few bugs have been found and fixed.

* Creepers and TNT can no longer explode structure blocks
* Civilizations can now pay their debt off when they deposit money using /civ deposit.
* Grocer now charges for the food.
* Added "/civ group" command so you can add players to the leaders or advisers group to your civ.
* Changed beaker timer to run once a min instead of every 2 seconds, this should reduce lag and prevent the beakers from being effected too badly by lag. The downside is that updates to beaker % will only happen once a min.