Beta Phase 3 update 5

Hey all,

This update brings you Espionage. After this update, we’ll have all of the core features from Civ18 implemented and will soon be ready to launch. There will still be a few more beta phase 3 updates to fix bugs, and to add new features on top of Civ18 which need a bit of testing before launch. Some of you who have been watching our subreddit may have seen that we have a new tech tree that implies that bows, iron, TNT and diamond will be technologically restricted. This will in fact be the case. Bows and TNT will be restricted as well as Iron/Diamond weapons and armor, but tools will remain as-is. The armors power will be re-balanced to make leather more useful and provide a more linear progression of gear acquisition. I encourage you to read the comments which explains the decision in more detail and ask questions there.

Robosnail, Precurrsor, Grey Corbin and I are hard at work preparing for the official launch of CivCraft. Once we launch, we will no longer be wiping the world, and we will begin to advertise again so that you’ll see more people connecting to the server. This community has been civil, respectful and helpful to newcomers in the past, and I’m sure you’ll continue to make this place an open and welcoming community to all who wish to visit. :) Thank you guys, you’ve been the best!

Now, on to the content for this update!

Barracks and Units
Previously in Civ18, you became the unit and were stuck being that unit until you died. Now, the unit and its functionality is attached to an item, and the presence of that item in your inventory will bestow that unit’s powers to you. Losing or destroying the unit item results in that unit being lost. If you die with a unit item on your person, that item is destroyed and the unit is lost. you can drop unit items, but you can only pick up one unit item at a time. Units are trained at the Barracks and cost coins and hammers to produce once the required technology is researched. This update will come with two units, the Warrior and the Spy.

The warrior is the most simple of units. Currently, it gives you a straight up bonus to your attack. Each attack you make to mobs or other players will have it’s damage increased by 40%. While it may seem like a lot, damage done must represent a whole number, and will be rounded down. Thus attacking without a weapon results in no damage increase, and attacking with a diamond sword results in a 2 damage increase (9 instead of 7). Damage from bows are not effected. These numbers are subject to balance changes and more perks will probably be added to the warrior in the future.

Just like in Civ18, the spy allows you to perform espionage missions. The spy is now represented as a unit item, but unlike the warrior when you pick up a spy item your inventory is also filled with special enchanted books, each titled with a different spy mission. To start a spy mission, pull out the book and right click. If your town has the required coins and you meet all the criteria necessary to start the mission, a 20 second countdown will begin. Stand still for those 20 seconds and the mission will be performed.
Like in Civ18, each mission has a fail chance and a compromise chance. First, we determine if the the mission is a success or not by comparing a random number to the fail chance. If the mission fails, we then check to see if you’ve become compromised by running a new random number against the compromise chance. If you become compromised, your spy unit is destroyed and your activity is announced globally.

Some minor changes were made to particular missions to make them easier to use and to make them more applicable. Spy levels have been removed, and town counter-measures and mission success rates are being re-balanced. Here is a list of notable changes to missions:

  • Investigate Town – No longer shows town hall coords since that is useless. Instead will show town’s treasury, hammer rates, culture rates, etc. Most of this information will be removed from /town show so that you must spy in order to see it. /town show will mostly show the town’s members since that is what it’s mostly good for.
  • Steal Treasury – Costs a lot more to start, and will now steal a percentage of the town’s treasury rather than a flat amount. Banks in your town will now provide an interest rate for money left in the treasury, so towns have incentive to keep it there. You must be within 100 blocks of the town hall to use this.
  • Subvert Government – Now picks a random government, available to the civ, to switch to. You must be within 100 blocks of the capital town hall to use this.
  • Pirate – Piracy now allows you to pop-off trade goodies from trade outposts and take them home. They’ll remain in your possession until the trade goodies reset, which will be about 3 days in CivCraft 1.0. You must be within 10 blocks of the trade outpost to use this.
  • Sabotage – This mission can destroy any structure now except for the town hall, it uses the nearest structure to the player and attempts to destroy it. Must be within 100 blocks of a structure to destroy it. Can attempt to destroy wonders, but at a higher cost and higher fail rate.
  • Compromise Spies – has been removed, since it no longer means anything since spies can change players.

Mission reports are no longer generated for each mission, instead a list of missions performed by a spy unit is stored on the server, when that spy is killed a book containing every spy mission performed by that spy unit (and who was using it at the time) is dropped.


* Fixed Cottages not generating coins and not consuming bread
* Fixed a bug with trade payments and goodie bonuses not being removed when the item is unsocketed from a town hall.
* Structure blocks should no longer burn away, they may catch fire but should not disappear.
* Added a ladder to the fishing boat template (must be rebuilt)
* Players are now given 2 unpowered redstone torchers when marking down wall locations, to better represent they must place two markers down.
* Walls should now always end on the end position marked.
* Added Espionage missions.
* Added Barracks
* Added Warrior unit.
* Added Spy Unit.
* Added Scout tower.
* Reorganized town upgrade list into categories.
* Walls no longer count toward your tile improvement limits.

Beta Phase 3 update 4

Hey All,

I’ve got another content update for you and re-added wonders as well as a new wonder, the Chichen Itza. The Chichen Itza gives you a powerful defensive edge by giving towers more total health as well as adding a structure health regeneration rate to all of your structures. This makes taking out a tower much more difficult.

Wonders have changed a bit since Civ18. Their cost in coins and hammers have been greatly reduced, but instead they are now destroy-able, and by destroy-able I mean gone. When a wonder is destroyed, the town that built it loses it and any town in the game can then attempt to build the wonder. Wonders have a lot of hitpoints and a high regeneration rate, so it will take at least three players to take down a wonder. Wonders can also be attacked whilst they are being built.

I’ve also created a fancy new way to show destroyed structures. Rather than flashing with fire, destroyed structures will explode and become a pile of rubble. This allows you to identify destroyed structures from a distance, which is particularly useful for towers. The structures’ explosion can damage you, so be aware of that.

Here is a video of me destroying a cannon tower:


* Added Wonders
* Added The Pyramids (available with Masonry)
** - Reduces cottages' consumption of bread by 1/4 in the town it is built
** - Increases cottages' coin output by 10% in the town it is built in.
** - Increases culture output from the civilization by 10%
** - Leeches 1% of the culture output from the nearest civilization.
* Added The Colossus (available with Currency)
** - 2% of the 3 closest civilizations' upkeep will get paid to the town that owns the colossus
** - Reduces the upkeep of the host town by 25%
** - Grants 5 coins per day to the Civilization for every culture chunk owned by the hosts
civilizations culture.
* Added The Hanging Gardens
** - Increases crop growth rates by 25% across the civilization.
** - Grants health regeneration of a half heart per second inside the city borders.
** - Grants an additional 10% growth rate bonus across the civilization for each Grapes being used by the civiliztion.
* Added Chichen Itza
** - Grants a 15% health bonus to all tower structures in the civilization.
** - Grants a structure health regeneration rate of 2 HP for all structures in the civilization.
* Walls now protect blocks placed above them as well as below up to y=200
* Buildings now explode into a pile of rubble rather than flash fire when destroyed.
* Players inside enemy territory are teleported back to the town hall when war time starts and stops.

Beta Phase 3 update 3

Hey all,

Here is an update that I’ve been working on the past week. It’s taken a little longer than I would have wished, but its added a new way to build walls, which I’m sure you’ll agree is better than before.
Previously, you had to build walls by carefully looking at directions and lining up the structure on the y axis so that they build properly. In addition, the wall templates had to be big and bulky to ensure that they would fit together correctly. Now you can build walls by typing “/build wall” (assuming you have Masonry) and it will switch the item in your hand to a “wall marker”. Simply place down two points within 300 or so blocks of each other and a wall will be “drawn” from the first position to the second position. The wall blocks that are drawn are intentionally minimalistic which will allow your civ/town to customize the wall’s appearance and defensive properties.
Other than that, walls work just like before. They prevent players from digging underneath your defenses by making the blocks underneath the wall unbreakable by non civ members.


* Fixed internal error with turrets trying to fire at players in worlds they did not belong in.
* Fixed being able to build buildings below the bedrock
* Fixed town chunks given via building a town hall not setting a default group.
* Fixed culture expand messages showing when no expansion occurred.
* Added Walls
* Fixed players being trapped in boats, and not being able to switch doors with a boat in their hands.
* Fixed control blocks having no hitpoints when they respawn after WarTime ends.
* Fixed Civ names not being displayed properly on cottage ticks.
* Structures now flash with fire when using '/build demolishnearest' command to visually indicate which structure would be demolished.
* Added chat prefixes to Civ and Town messages so you can more easily see which messages are being broadcast where.

Beta Phase 3 update 1


* Can now open and attack doors during WarTime in enemy towns.
* When you logout in the war room. You will no longer be stuck on re-entry. You will instead be teleported to a revive point in the town hall.
* Fixed internal errors while loading bad structure chests
* Fixed Cannon towers not firing at players.
* Added a daily reboot script.