CivTowny Update 9


* Migrated Towny from flatfile to SQL server. (yeah about time =P)
* MASSIVE update to how structures are handled internally, making them easier to create.
* Structures are now defined in a yml configuration file.
* Structures can now execute code at specified intervals
* The blocks that make structures are now defined by a template which can be exported with WorldEdit.
* Updated structure templates for bank, store, library and grocer.
* Structures now build so that the entrance to the structure faces the player who built it.
* You can now undo the placement of a structure using "/town build undo". The undo level only sticks around for a little while and should only be used to help fine tune placement of structures. For anti-duplication reasons, there is only 1 undo level that gets cleared each time you use it.
* Structures are now placed in front of the player instead of on top of the player.
* Towns can now support multiple structures of the same type.(Note: none of the current structures are allowed to have duplicates)
* Added Library
* Town structures now make a global announcement when their fee rate changes.
* Town structures can no longer be built outside of town.
* Dynmap now shows all structures owned by a town instead of just banks and stores.
* Dynmap now displays town level.
* Dynmap now shows towns that are in debt, how much they are in debt, and how many days they have left until they go up for sale/deleted.
* Decreased the growth rate on everything. =P

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