Server Wipe After 1.3

Netizen and I have come to the conclusion that a server wipe will be best for our community. I know all of you put a lot of work into your towns, we have seen many impressive creations from the mighty walls of Jefferson to the capital of kings landing. Although there are simply to many awesome structures to list here, I want to thank all of you for making our beta test amazing by providing helpful suggestions and bug reports. I remember telling you guys that I wouldn’t wipe the beta server unless it was absolutely necessary… Well unfortunately it’s absolutely necessary, there are many technical problems with the addition of emeralds that will make our server in its current state unplayable. Mojang had been hyping their new mod API that apparently won’t be released until next patch? Because of this our transition of plugins will be rough and time consuming so please be patient while we move everything over. the list below is just a few of the arguments that pushed us towards the final decision of a wipe.

- Without a wipe all the towns banks will be broken with the addition of emeralds
- The current known world that measures 15,000 blocks in some areas will not contain 1.3 content, Emeralds, large biomes etc..
- Because the explored world is so big it would make it insanely hard to explain to new players that they have to travel 15,000 blocks for 1.3 content
- Finding emeralds will be very hard to find and near impossible for new players who are getting started.
- Advertising for the server will be impossible since nobody will want to play on a server with 1.2.5 content that covers the entire first continent.

Thanks again for helping us with the BETA and we hope to see you on the server after wipe. The server will remain up in it current form until we have all of our plugins working with 1.3. Although we don’t have an official 1.3 launch date I thought it was only fair to give the community advanced warning. The wipe should take place sometime in the next 3 weeks.

Edit: Anybody that has already donated will receive the donation amount in coins after the wipe giving them a nice head start.

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