Introducing CivCraft 1.3

Hey all,

I’m Pleased to announce the launch of the new civcraft 1.3 server! There has been a lot of changes to the game since last anybody has played and I’m looking forward to seeing how it all plays out. Here is a list of things that have been changed.

  • Governments
    • 5 Different government types have been added: Anarchy, Tribalism, Despotism, Monarchy, and Theocracy
    • Governments can effect many different things including taxes, trade, cottages, and growth rates for crops
    • Governments are unlocked by purchasing the required upgrades for your town.
    • See the wiki on Governments for more details
  • Trade
    • Trade goods now randomly generate themselves and are scattered across the world of CivCraft.
    • By connecting trade goods to your town, you will be generate coins every hour.
    • The more trade goods of the same type you connect, the more money you generate
  • New Structures
    • The Trommel is a new improvement that can convert cobblestone into precious metals
    • The Cottage improvement generates coins for your town and can be leveled up by feeding it bread
    • The Granary stores bread for your cottages so they can level up.
    • The Rail Station allows your town to build protected rails and connect your town to trade goods
    • The Rail Outpost is used to claim trade goods for your town
  • Changes from CivCraft BETA
    • The Blacksmith’s smelt ability can now only be used by the town residents that own the blacksmith.
    • The Blacksmith’s forge ability now costs 250 coins and charges a non-resident fee.
    • Towns can now set a flat tax on all residents in town.
    • The Lumber Mill improvement’s maximum output for each wood type has been reduced from 64 to 32.
    • This list is not compelete!

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