CivCraft Update 14


* Fixed a terrible bug where chunks would unload, causing chest based structures to fail. (Trommel, LumberMill, Granary)
* Fixed cottage refund amount when /town build undo is used.
* Fixed cottages not generating coins
* Fixed the granary structure template which caused the granary's stairs to be rotated terribly.
* Added "/town trade" command to give more detailed information on trade output.
* Banks now properly exchange iron at 10 coins.
* Banks now display the proper name when exchanging emeralds.
* Max Cottages is now 5 instead of 4.

Government Changes
*Increased the penalty to 20% of off focus wealth generation per Govnernment.

Structure Changes
*Trommel now only produces 1 gravel per cobble stone
*Trommel rates decreased to 0.02(iron) 0.01(gold) 0.0025(diamond) 0.0015(emerald)
*Cottage now shows what level it is and how much progress is needed until the next level.

Trade Balance Change
*Rail outposts now cost $5000 and are increased by 50% per rail outpost after the first.
*You are now limited to 5 trade outposts(max of 5 trade routes)
* ALL TRADE OUTPOSTS HAVE BEEN DELETED, they will LOOK like they are there but you have to rebuild them ;)

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