CivCraft Update 18

The Borders of CivCraft have expanded!

Here is the changelist for CivCraft Update 18


* Added new information commands: /town trade, /town cottage, /town upkeep, /town culture, /town government.
* New Government Communism.
* Added Tile Improvement support
* Added Mine tile improvement
* Added Farm tile improvement
* Added Trade outpost tile improvement
* Added Wall tile improvement
* Added Wonders
* Added The Great Pyramid wonder.
* Added The Hanging Gardens wonder.
* Added The Colossus wonder.
* Added Diplomacy
* Added diplomatic states NEUTRAL, PEACE, WAR, and VASSAL
* Added new message notification on login.
* Added Espionage
* Added spies.
* Added spy missions: investigate city, poison granary, steal treasury, subvert government, pirate goods, and sabotage.
* Added Culture
* Will receive notification when a non-member enters your town's borders.
* If player is in range of a scout tower, their coordinates will also be provided.
* Towers and Tile improvements can be built outside town city limits, but inside culture.
* Added Structures
* Monument - increases hourly cultural output of town.
* Temple - Allows players to make sacrifices to boost culture output. Increases hourly cultural output of town.
* Barracks - Allows players to train spies and increase their spies level.
* Scout Tower - Informs town of the location of non-members inside their borders. Will do so when they enter and every 60 seconds.
* Watch Tower - Will fire arrows at enemies within it's range.
* Cannon Tower - Will fire powerful fireballs at enemies within it's range.
* Rework of Trade resources. No longer need rail outposts or to be connected to rails.
* Trade resources now generate more coins based on how many of the same type you have.

Bug Fixes:

* Towns can no longer switch to any government type without having the technology.
* Can no longer purchase level upgrades for structures before they are built. (fixes some issues with signs not updating correctly for the structure after it was built)
* Fixed internal errors being generated when using /resident and /towny prices when you were not a member of a town.
* Fixed template orientation for Libraries, Banks, and Trommels
* When towns are deleted, they now cleanup their goods and structures. Resulting in less problems later on.
* Fixed cottages not refunding the correct amount.

Balance Changes:

Government changes

* Despotism is now 200% bonus to Trommel.
* Protected rail is now only 1 coin per block
* Anarchy is now a 500% upkeep penalty
* Anarchy only grows crops at 30% growth rate
* Anarchy now lasts 24 hours.
* Governments now have hammer and culture rate modifiers. See wiki for details.

Structure Changes
* You can now build unlimited Granaries for food storage.
* You can now build up to three Trommels.

Cottage Changes
* Cottage level 1 now provides 50 coins per hour. Consumes 2 bread, 1 carrot
* Cottage level 2 now provides 100 coins per hour. Consumes 2 bread, 1 carrot 1 potato
* Cottage level 3 now provides 150 coins per hour. Consumes 3 bread, 2 carrot 1, potato, 1 raw pork
* Cottage level 4 now provides 250 coins per hour. Consumes 3 bread, 3 carrot, 2 potato, 1 raw pork, 1 raw beef
* Cottage level 5 now provides 450 coins per hour. Consumes 4 bread, 4 carrot, 3 potato, 2 raw pork, 1 raw beef, 1 Mushroom soup.

Upkeep Changes:
* Store upkeep increased from 15 to 250 coins
* Library upkeep increased from 150 to 1,500 coins
* Grocer upkeep increased from 15 to 150 coins
* Lumber Mill upkeep increased from 15 to 250 coins.
* Blacksmith upkeep increased from 250 to 2,000 coins.
* Granary upkeep increased from 1,250 to 10,000 coins.
* Cottage upkeep increased from 25 to 1,000 coins.
* Trommel upkeep increased from 150 to 1,000 coins.

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