CivCraft Maintenance Update

Hey guys! Still working on that feature update. (It’s pretty epic =P) but in the meantime some server instability issues needed to be addressed. Here is the technicals for those who are interested.

Oh! Since it’s starting to get to be winter in the Northern Hemisphere, I figured it ought to be “summer” in Minecraft. (Aka A LOT LESS rain and thunderstorms).

Enjoy :)


* Updated to a new version of craftbukkit. Hopefully will be more stable
* Added a new way to keep track of exceptions and errors which should make them easier to track down.
* Fixed up many of the timers which run so that when they DO throw errors, only the town that caused the error is effected. Other towns/cottages/goods should continue to function as normal.
* Reduced frequency of storms by roughly 10x.

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