CivCraft Update 18.2

Hey All, some bug fixes and a few balance changes in this update.


* Enemy Town Hall Coordinates now properly show up in investigate book.
* Fixed Grass and Trees not growing.
* When a non-member logs into the server, the town will be notified that he/she has entered its borders.
* When a non-member enters a town through a nether portal, the town will be notified that he/she entered its borders.

Balance Changes

* Trade good payouts have been refactor to reflect their actual rarity.
* Trade good multiplier is now maxed at 3. (Meaning more than 3 goods of the same type will not increase your multiplier any higher).

For those interested, here is a “interactive” pie chart showing you the *actual* amounts of goods on the server. It turns out that the distributions of goods is not as even as we once thought, so trade good prices have been adjusted accordingly. The wiki has been updated to reflect these pricing changes.

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