CivCraft Update 18.3

Mostly just bugfixes and some performance tweaks. Need to get the server performing well again.


* /town withdraw has been re-enabled.
* /town upkeep will now show you the amount of coins you *will eventually be charged* due to town block spread. See this thread for details:


* Fixed conncurrency problems with /build undo and /town demolish commands
* Daily upkeep code will now check for anarchy expiration before charging you.
* Fixed farm chunks not being removed internally when demolished.
* Mayors and residents no longer pay a flat tax when set.
* Temple now saves culture in the DB when it adds it to the town.
* Towers no longer check distances between players who are in different worlds(aka overworld vs nether, fixes some errors in logs)
* Farm template no longer contains fully grown wheat.

Potential performance improvements:

* Cleaned up/optimized the main thread for block breaking and placing
* Settings and SessionDB entries are now cached and asynchronously written/deleted/updated to the back end database.
* Reduced total mobs per chunk and made other tweaks to the craftbukkit config.

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