CivCraft Update 18.4

Hello again! Just another CivCraft Update, mostly bug fixes and performance tweaks again.


* Added /town mines command that shows the progress for mines like /town cottage


* Cottages should now refund the correct amount of money when using /build undo
* Trade outposts can no longer be built in town outpost plots. (must ALWAYS be built in culture)
* /town color command no longer checks for colors being "too close" you can pick any color now (except pure red, reserved for town blocks)
* Fixed potential MYSQL injection attack.
* Fixed NullPointerException in /town trade command causing "internal errors"
* Fixed flat tax not being charged when no property tax was set.
* Fixed website redirect for dynmap: should work now ;)
* Dynmap no longer shows each structure, multiple structures of the same kind are counted instead.
* Fixed War/Vassal message incorrectly stating that the master town was the vassal and vice versa
* Fixed /build command showing the incorrect number of available structures left over.
* Fixed "At War" message being shown between each chunk.
* Additional performance tweaks in main thread, dealing mostly with diplomatic state checks
* Added new plugin to control chunk loading/unloading and caching.

balance changes:

* Town hall build time slightly increased(from 5 seconds to 60 seconds)
* Town hall health increased from 400 HP to 10,000 HP
* Grace for upkeep blocks no longer in effect
* Grace for not having a town hall no longer in effect
* Grace blocks for upkeep increased from 5 to 8

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