CivCraft Update 18.5

Hello all, some critical war bugs before the war time this weekend. Also some cool balance changes. Enjoy =)


* Added date to /dip command to know how long the state has lasted.
* Added argument to /dip command, when given a town name it will show that town's diplomatic relations.
* Added "/dip global" command which shows the relationships between all towns on the server.

Balance Changes

* Vassal states now pay $2,500 per town level rather than a $2,500 flat fee. For example, a settlement is level 1 and only pays $2,500. A hamlet pays $5,000... a metropolis pays $20,000.

* Cottages Now produce more coins per level per hour.
* Level 1 was $50/hr is now $100/hr
* Level 2 was $100/hr is now $175/hr
* Level 3 was $150/hr is now $350/hr
* Level 4 was $250/hr is now $500/hr
* Level 5 was $450/hr is now $650/hr
* level 6 was $750/hr is now $1250/hr

* Communism Cottage rate increased from 100% to 115%
* Communism Hammer increased from %125 to 150%

The wiki has been updated to reflect these changes.


* Fixed Trommels and other chest based structures from occasionally not working.
* Fixed diplomatic states disappearing.
* Fixed not being able to reply to diplomatic messages.
* Fixed PvP bug where only one side could attack the other in town borders.
* Fixed a NPE in SessionDB delete
* When you declare war on a town without a town hall, that town will now lose to the first town who declared war on it once wartime starts. Provided they do not build a town hall in the meantime.
* When a town becomes a vassal it now ends all wars with other towns.
* The /town trade command has been updated to better show the actual extra good bonus recieved.
* the /town cottage command now properly takes the town's cottage rate into account when showing totals.

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