CivCraft Update 18.6


* Added /civ command which shows basic server stats, including pings and TPS. Will expand to include more stuff as time goes on.
* Added "/civ time" command which shows the current system time, the next trade/cottage tick time, and the next upkeep time.
* Dynmap now shows which towns are in debt and how many days remain before auction/deletion.

balance changes:

* Base fail-rate for piracy has changed from 10% to 0%
* Base fail-rate for compromise spies has changed from 10% to 0%
* Ender-pearls can now have a 3 second cooldown on use.
* Ender-pearls no longer allow for teleportation through walls.


* Fixed server time being incorrect, war will now start at the proper 2pm PST.
* Another attempt at trommel fix. Also added more debug info to help debug issues.
* Fixed spies not surviving reboots
* Fixed Co-modification error in espionage missions.
* Fixed Co-modification error in temple sacrifices.
* Fixed /dm command not working properly for some towns.
* Fixed /town color command sending internal error with no arguments
* Fixed NPE in sessionDB.
* Fixed town's culture sometimes overlapping the town on the dynmap making viewing the info popup impossible.
* Fixed piracy not working properly.

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