CivCraft Update 18.9

Sorry about the long downtime tonight. I needed some “alone” time with the server to fix some things.

new/balance changes:

* When attacking wonders, it now displays the total blocks you have left to delay, and shows a special message when no more damage can be done.
* WarTime moved to Sunday, 8am PST.
* You can no longer use netherportals to enter an enemy town's culture.
* Added extra notifications to display a "countdown" when war is going to begin and when it is going to end.
* Also added this information to /civ time, as well as a message when you can no longer declare war.


* Fixed structures being "built" instantly after /build undo. Also deleted all of these structures from the DB and issued refunds for their cost.
* Fixed Vassalage, towns that were made vassals in the last war should now be vassals. Reset the vassal time to make up for lost time.
* Fixed repair cost being full cost instead of 1/2.
* Fixed walls preventing players from digging underneath them after they have been destroyed.
* Fixed message when town starts a wonder, should now display in proper color and show which town started it.
* Fixed several ConcurrentExceptions causing server to crash.
* Fixed ConcurrentException issues with /dm surrender command.
* Fixed problems with piracy not being processed properly.
* Fixed internal error when using the library to enchant with empty hands.
* Fixed /dip global requiring you be a member of a town.

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