CivCraft Update 18.10

balance changes:

* Base Vassal cost has been reduced to 300.
* Vassal cost is multiplied by town level, costs are now
- lvl 1, 1,399 coins
- lvl 2, 3,375 coins
- lvl 3, 5,648 coins
- lvl 4, 8,139 coins
- lvl 5, 10,805 coins
- lvl 6, 13,621 coins
- lvl 7, 16,566 coins
- lvl 8, 19,628 coins

* Added WarUpkeep for aggressor, but upkeep will not be charged for a few days. There is a grace peroid. This will allow towns to judge if the wars they are currently in are worth it.
* Vassal States can no longer make any progress on wonders. Once they become free, they will resume building.
* You can no longer surrender during wartime. You must surrender before WarTime begins.


* Reset dynmap update rate back to normal
* Fixed not being able to place lava/tnt
* Fixed some (more)internal problems with the trommel.
* Fixed various async issues causing low TPS
* Fixed being able to declare war during WarTime.
* Fixed structures from destroying blocks that you do not have permission to destroy. Also prevent players from destroying chests while building structures.
* Fixed wartime coming back on after wartime ends.
* Fixed internal vassal state bug.
* Fixed WarTimer announcement during war being 30 seconds, now displays every 5 mins.

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