Sever had a meltdown.

The Minecraft program crashed.  This time the Towny plugin freaked out and wiped a LARGE amount of data in the process.  To compound this problem, the backups, that are scheduled to run regularly, stopped working at the end of November.

The data that was lost is the block resident data.  This is the data that connects a block to a town.  Whole towns were just gone.  Netizen has done his best to recover as much of the data as he could.  There was just too much data lost to recover to a fully usable condition.

What does this mean?  It means the the end.  For all intents and purposes this akin to a server wipe.  We wish it were otherwise.

What happens now?  We talked through all of our options.  We hemmed and hawed.  Wrung our hands.  Sacrificed chickens.  After all of that, we have decided that the best course of action would be to work VERY hard on a new server.  One that will utilizing a new mod written by Netizen to replace Towny.  It will also take into account new content proposed for 1.5 without shoehorning.  There are other considerations we went through, but they don’t all need listing.  Suffice it to say that we did not make the decision lightly.

What do we do until the new Civcraft server is ready?  We are going to put this server back on while the new server is being worked on, but in creative mode with all of the Towny and Civ mods turned off so that everyone can show off their creative sides.  If there is enough interest, we could be talked into setting up a small chaos server with two towns that would go to war on a regular basis and the time between spent on setting up defense.

BUT WAIT…there is a bright side to this.  The new Civ Mod being finished by Netizen will offer a whole slew of new content and changes.  This time it replaces Towny, removing it’s instability and limitations from the game, instead of working around them. There will be new structures, technologies, wonders, and control features making this an even richer play experience.  Many of the suggestions from past posts are being looked at and incorporated.  More Civilization style features are being included, as well. Such as multiple towns, technology research based out your town’s science output, barbarian camps, goody huts and new offensive war features. It should be a very exciting experience.

We are VERY sorry that it has come to this.  It is definitely a painful learning experience.  Please bear with us and be patient as we work through this unfortunate circumstance.  We hope that you will continue to frequent our server and we definitely look forward to seeing you in the new world.

Here is a link to the map in case you want a copy to play with as your own.  (BEWARE: it is 23GB in size)

Once again, we are truly sorry.

Your Admin Staff.

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