Beta Phase 2 update 2


* Added a progress bar for technology to the town hall. Above the door there is now a 16 block long progress bar made of emerald/black wool. It will update as your research progresses.
* Fixed a bug causing farm chunks to not be loaded, hence no growth.
* Number of coins per beaker have been changed from 100 to 1.5, this more closely mirrors my intentions, since 1 beaker is equal to 1 mins worth of research.

Beakers can only be converted to coins from tax income collected from towns which for now means only cottage and trade income.

For example, lets say all of your towns make a combined income of 1,000 coins. Your civ's tax rate is 50%, and your civ's science percentage is 50%. This means your civilization collects 500 coins from each of its towns for income tax, then 50% of that (250 coins) is converted into beakers. Which will now provide about 167 beakers.

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