Beta Phase 2 Update 4

Balance Changes:

Tile improvement cap now scales properly with town level.

Settlement: 4
Hamlet: 6
Village: 8
Town: 12
Large Town: 15
City: 17
Large City: 20
Metropolis: 25

Town upkeep per level has been reduced

Settlement  $500
Hamlet $750
Village $1,250
Town $2,000
Large Town $3,500
City $5,500
Large City $7,000
Metropolis $10,000

Reduced Town distance from capital penalty.
Fixed a Bug with tech Iron working costing 450K instead of 45K
Changed distance to town upkeep cost so that it scales better with distance.


* Added "/town info culture" command.
* Fixed "/town info cottage" command being blank.
* Structures now check the player's position for being inside town instead of their corner position.
* "/town info" now displays correct upkeep numbers based on government upkeep rate.
* Fixed cottages from stagnating during the first hourly tick they are built.
* Farm plots are now properly removed when the farm structure is unbuilt.
* Culture expansion message no longer displays when the culture expands '0' chunks.

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