Upgrade Plan to 1.5

Hey all,

Its that time again. Minecraft version 1.5 aka “the redstone update” came out yesterday and I’m sure you all want to play with the new features. It will take a few weeks for Bukkit to update and for the plugin authors to update their plugins. After which we’ll upgrade the server to 1.5.

There are some complications that 1.5 brings us, particularly with hoppers and chest security. Anybody who can place a hopper underneath a chest will be able to siphon items out of it, even if they themselves do not have permission to access the chest.
To solve this, I’ll have to modify protections to prevent hoppers from being placed in areas without switch permissions as well as check the edges of chunks so that chests that reside on the edge of things will be safe. I’ll do my best to think of all the different ways hoppers can be abused (and droppers as well) and try to prevent them. But to be safe you guys should pro-actively move your most valuable things into ender chests until I am more confident that nothing can be abused.

If you’ve logged in to minecraft today, it will have asked you to update your client, if you did so you will no longer be able to connect to the server since Minecraft updated to 1.5 today.
In the mean time you will have to downgrade to 1.4.7 in order to play.

To do that, download the minecraft 1.4.7 jar from here

The follow this tutorial(sorry for the loud music in it)

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