Beta Phase 3 Update

Hey all,

The time has finally come for the 3rd phase of the beta. It’s been a long hard month. Lots of difficult problems needed to be solved in order to get to this point, but I think in the end you’ll agree it was worth the wait.
Phase 3 is going to reintroduce war into CivCraft and the bonus trade goodies we’ve been talking about will come along for the ride. I’ve reworked diplomacy and changed the victory conditions for war which I hope will make things easier to use and more fun for the players.
Since the entire point of doing a BETA is to get some good testing, having WarTime occur only once a week is going to be far too slow, so for this phase we are going to speed things up.

For this phase

* Build time, research time, and coin cost for most structures will be greatly reduced.
* WarTime will occur daily and last extra long. Will probably start at around 10am PST and will end at 7pm PST.
* War balancing and additional war-related features will be added at this time to help us balance things for when open beta occurs.
* Server will be updated to 1.5, so that 1.5 related bugs can be reported and fixed.


----Added Trade Goodies------
* Every Trade Good will spawn a "Trade Goodie" item at the trade outpost when claimed.
* In order to generate coins, the goodie item must be 'socketed' into the town all by placing them into the provided item frames.
* Socketed goodies provide sets of bonuses that increase things like hammers produce, growth rates, cottage rates and trade rates.
* Some bonuses(goodies can contain multiple bonuses) can stack, other bonuses may not. You'll have to work to find the ideal combination for your town.
* Goodies will return back to their trade outposts once every 2 days. This requires you to be minimally active in your town to generate coins and allows you to 'lease' trade goodies to other nations.
* Goodies can be stolen if players transporting them log out, get killed, or drop the item.
* Goodies can only be placed safely in chests, or protected item frames.
* More information can be found on the wiki here.

—– Added War/Reworked Diplomacy ——
* I’ve removed Diplomatic Messages, since they were annoying and tricky to use. The advantage is that diplomacy should be much easier to use from the players perspective, the downside is that certain diplomatic actions such as peace treaty requests, will require a leader or adviser to be online at the time of the request to accept it.
* Some new diplomatic states have been introduced, currently the possible states are: Neutral, Hostile, War, Peace, Ally, Vassal, and Master.
* Neutral – default relation between nations, nothing special occurs in this relationship mode.
* Hostile – Defensive towers will fire at players from this civilization.
* War – All the bells and whistles of war, towers attack enemy players, structures can be damaged and blocks can be added/removed during WarTime.
* Peace – Currently, no different than Neutral. Will probably have an expiry time and will notify each civ when members of the town violate the treaty by pvping with each other. TBD. Suggestions welcome.
* Ally – Currently no different than Neutral. May disable pvp between players, may also automatically declare war on any civ who declares war on an ally. Might also be purely symbolic. TBD. Suggestions welcome.
* When conquering a town that is not the capital, it will go into a liberation mode. The liberation mode means that the town is still part of the parent civ, but all taxes are paid to the conquering civ. Upkeep not paid by the town forces the town itself into debt, which eventually results in that town being put up for sale.
* When conquering a town that is the capital, the civilization falls and becomes a vassal, vassals pay a percentage of their income to the master civilization.
* To regain freedom, vassals states must pay a fee and will declare war on their master civilization. At this point the vassal is considered ‘free’ but in a standard war with the master. If the master civilization conquers or forces the old vassal to surrender, it once again becomes a vassal of the master.
* To conquer a town, you must attack “Control Points” located inside the town hall. Each control point is a block of obsidian so that the amount of time it takes to destroy it is uniform.
* As each control block is destroyed, the respawn time for members in that town is increased.
* When players die during WarTime, they will respawn in a sealed off “War Room” located at the top of their town hall. This is done to enforce respawn times. After the respawn time is up, players are teleported into the town hall structure at a random revive point.
* Towers will now “home-in” on players for the “y-axis” this will make them much more accurate, but still dodge-able.
* All structures have hitpoints and can be ‘destroyed’ in war.
* A ‘destroyed’ structure will appear on fire and will not function. You can repair destroyed structures for half of their construction cost using the “/build repairnearest” command.

bug fixes

* Fixed being able to purchase more Library enchantments than you had slots available.
* Fixed days in debt not being reset when debt was paid off
* Fixed exploit with blacksmith being able to deposit items over and over.
* Fixed a bug allowing you to 'join' more than one town at a time.
* Fixed "/build undo" sometimes not removing protected structure blocks
* Fixed TownChunks not being deleted properly when a civ/town is deleted.
* Fixed being able to use library structure before it was finished building.
* Fixed zombies being able to break protect structure doors.
* Fixed upkeep being sometimes reported incorrectly.
* Fixed culture not expanding when town borders expand.
* You must now left click all signs, right click will not activate signs.
* Fixed demolishing a structure not reducing upkeep.
* Fixed mine levelup messages' missing town name.
* Fixed trade outposts paying out money before they were finished.
* Fixed "internal command" error when /build demolish is sent bad arguments.

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