Beta Phase 3 update 3

Hey all,

Here is an update that I’ve been working on the past week. It’s taken a little longer than I would have wished, but its added a new way to build walls, which I’m sure you’ll agree is better than before.
Previously, you had to build walls by carefully looking at directions and lining up the structure on the y axis so that they build properly. In addition, the wall templates had to be big and bulky to ensure that they would fit together correctly. Now you can build walls by typing “/build wall” (assuming you have Masonry) and it will switch the item in your hand to a “wall marker”. Simply place down two points within 300 or so blocks of each other and a wall will be “drawn” from the first position to the second position. The wall blocks that are drawn are intentionally minimalistic which will allow your civ/town to customize the wall’s appearance and defensive properties.
Other than that, walls work just like before. They prevent players from digging underneath your defenses by making the blocks underneath the wall unbreakable by non civ members.


* Fixed internal error with turrets trying to fire at players in worlds they did not belong in.
* Fixed being able to build buildings below the bedrock
* Fixed town chunks given via building a town hall not setting a default group.
* Fixed culture expand messages showing when no expansion occurred.
* Added Walls
* Fixed players being trapped in boats, and not being able to switch doors with a boat in their hands.
* Fixed control blocks having no hitpoints when they respawn after WarTime ends.
* Fixed Civ names not being displayed properly on cottage ticks.
* Structures now flash with fire when using '/build demolishnearest' command to visually indicate which structure would be demolished.
* Added chat prefixes to Civ and Town messages so you can more easily see which messages are being broadcast where.

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