Beta Phase 3 update 4

Hey All,

I’ve got another content update for you and re-added wonders as well as a new wonder, the Chichen Itza. The Chichen Itza gives you a powerful defensive edge by giving towers more total health as well as adding a structure health regeneration rate to all of your structures. This makes taking out a tower much more difficult.

Wonders have changed a bit since Civ18. Their cost in coins and hammers have been greatly reduced, but instead they are now destroy-able, and by destroy-able I mean gone. When a wonder is destroyed, the town that built it loses it and any town in the game can then attempt to build the wonder. Wonders have a lot of hitpoints and a high regeneration rate, so it will take at least three players to take down a wonder. Wonders can also be attacked whilst they are being built.

I’ve also created a fancy new way to show destroyed structures. Rather than flashing with fire, destroyed structures will explode and become a pile of rubble. This allows you to identify destroyed structures from a distance, which is particularly useful for towers. The structures’ explosion can damage you, so be aware of that.

Here is a video of me destroying a cannon tower:


* Added Wonders
* Added The Pyramids (available with Masonry)
** - Reduces cottages' consumption of bread by 1/4 in the town it is built
** - Increases cottages' coin output by 10% in the town it is built in.
** - Increases culture output from the civilization by 10%
** - Leeches 1% of the culture output from the nearest civilization.
* Added The Colossus (available with Currency)
** - 2% of the 3 closest civilizations' upkeep will get paid to the town that owns the colossus
** - Reduces the upkeep of the host town by 25%
** - Grants 5 coins per day to the Civilization for every culture chunk owned by the hosts
civilizations culture.
* Added The Hanging Gardens
** - Increases crop growth rates by 25% across the civilization.
** - Grants health regeneration of a half heart per second inside the city borders.
** - Grants an additional 10% growth rate bonus across the civilization for each Grapes being used by the civiliztion.
* Added Chichen Itza
** - Grants a 15% health bonus to all tower structures in the civilization.
** - Grants a structure health regeneration rate of 2 HP for all structures in the civilization.
* Walls now protect blocks placed above them as well as below up to y=200
* Buildings now explode into a pile of rubble rather than flash fire when destroyed.
* Players inside enemy territory are teleported back to the town hall when war time starts and stops.

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