Beta phase 3 update 6

Updated the server to 1.5.2, so go ahead and upgrade! This is large a bugfix update and also contains a bit of new content to explore.

Bank Interest
The biggest change in this update is that banks can now provide an interest rate for money left inside the town’s treasury. Four upgrades have been added to the bank with increasing interest rates. In order to generate interest on coins, they must first remain inside your town’s treasury for one day. Then, interest will be generated on that money on a daily basis.
The amount of coins you generate interest on is labeled as “principal” which can be see in “/town info”. When town taxes are collected, the amount of money left over in your town’s treasury will be marked as “principal”. Your principal will go down if your town’s treasury dips below the principal amount. You will only generate interest on principal. This is designed to prevent players from depositing/withdrawing money quickly to get interest, without risking their treasury to spies.

The Market
In order to facilitate buying and selling of civs and towns when they go in to debt. I’ve created a new market command which will let civ leaders and advisers buy civilizations and towns that have gone up for sale due to not paying their debts. The price of each civilization/town is based on their score. In the future, the market command may help facilitate in-game trades between players. To use the market, type “/market”

Nether Portals
As we’ve discussed on the forums we are disabling normal nether portal creation for various reasons. Most importantly, they’ve been disabled so that the world is not made artificially smaller. Additionally balancing reasons make nether portals difficult to deal with when defending your city. Now nether portals can only be created by creating the nether portal structure. To build a nether portal type “/build nether portal”


* Updated to Minecraft 1.5.2
* Fixed being able to duplicate mission books using shift click
* Trommels no longer load chunks when their chests are unloaded, instead it remembers how many seconds went by since last load and runs that many times when the chunk loads again. This should reduce lag.
* Added /market command to buy towns and civilizations
* Mission Reports are now dropped when spies die. The mission report contains a list of all missions performed by the town.
* Fixed walls accumulating their cost and overcharging during construction.
* Players are no longer able to use mission books if they are not a spy. They shouldnt be able to get them without being a spy anyway.
* Admins no longer trigger scout tower and culture border messages
* Goodie bonuses that effect spy missions have been properly added.
* Civs that become vassals will now cancel wars with other nations.
* Fixed espionage missions not charging anything.
* Added netherportal structure, players can no longer build nether portals on their own and must construct the nether portal structure.
* Re-arranged information shown in /town show and /civ show. You can no longer see a town's hammer/culture rate without using a spy.
* Implemented bank interest, added 4 bank interest upgrades, and implemented goodies that effect bank interest.
* Sabotage can now target wonders for double the cost and fail chance.
* Added town upkeep information to investigate mission
* structure distance is now calculated from the structures center instead of its corner, this should make finding the nearest structure more consistent.
* Added time of mission to the investigate town mission.
* Now calculate trade good position for trade outpost tower rather than structure corner. Should be easier to pirate now.
* Town investigate mission book was made prettier
* Added some admin tools to help stop lag when things get desperate. Admins can now disable trommels towers or growth to try to stop lag in emergencies.
* Added scores to both towns and civilizations, scores are used to determine the cost of towns and civs when the go up for sale.
* Added "/town top5" and "/civ top5" which shows the top 5 towns and civilizations by score respectively.
* Civs are no longer notified when its own members enter its borders.
* Unused beakers are now converted into culture and distributed to all towns in the civilization.
* Respawn time when all control blocks are up has been increased to 30 seconds from 10 seconds.
* Civilizations can no longer be founded within 5 culture blocks of another civ.
* Towns can no longer claim town chunks within 5 culture blocks of another civ.
* Fixed not being able to build fishing boats sometimes.
* Fixed not being able to pirate fishing boats.

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