Server remains on 1.4.5

If you’ve logged in to minecraft today, it will have asked you to update your client, if you did so you will no longer be able to connect to the server since Minecraft updated to 1.4.6 today.
I will be updating the server as soon as Bukkit and several other critical plugins get ported over to the new version, in the mean time you will have to downgrade to 1.4.5 in order to play.

To do that, download the minecraft 1.4.5 jar from here

The follow this tutorial(sorry for the loud music in it)

CivCraft Update 18.10

balance changes:

* Base Vassal cost has been reduced to 300.
* Vassal cost is multiplied by town level, costs are now
- lvl 1, 1,399 coins
- lvl 2, 3,375 coins
- lvl 3, 5,648 coins
- lvl 4, 8,139 coins
- lvl 5, 10,805 coins
- lvl 6, 13,621 coins
- lvl 7, 16,566 coins
- lvl 8, 19,628 coins

* Added WarUpkeep for aggressor, but upkeep will not be charged for a few days. There is a grace peroid. This will allow towns to judge if the wars they are currently in are worth it.
* Vassal States can no longer make any progress on wonders. Once they become free, they will resume building.
* You can no longer surrender during wartime. You must surrender before WarTime begins.


* Reset dynmap update rate back to normal
* Fixed not being able to place lava/tnt
* Fixed some (more)internal problems with the trommel.
* Fixed various async issues causing low TPS
* Fixed being able to declare war during WarTime.
* Fixed structures from destroying blocks that you do not have permission to destroy. Also prevent players from destroying chests while building structures.
* Fixed wartime coming back on after wartime ends.
* Fixed internal vassal state bug.
* Fixed WarTimer announcement during war being 30 seconds, now displays every 5 mins.

CivCraft Update 18.9

Sorry about the long downtime tonight. I needed some “alone” time with the server to fix some things.

new/balance changes:

* When attacking wonders, it now displays the total blocks you have left to delay, and shows a special message when no more damage can be done.
* WarTime moved to Sunday, 8am PST.
* You can no longer use netherportals to enter an enemy town's culture.
* Added extra notifications to display a "countdown" when war is going to begin and when it is going to end.
* Also added this information to /civ time, as well as a message when you can no longer declare war.


* Fixed structures being "built" instantly after /build undo. Also deleted all of these structures from the DB and issued refunds for their cost.
* Fixed Vassalage, towns that were made vassals in the last war should now be vassals. Reset the vassal time to make up for lost time.
* Fixed repair cost being full cost instead of 1/2.
* Fixed walls preventing players from digging underneath them after they have been destroyed.
* Fixed message when town starts a wonder, should now display in proper color and show which town started it.
* Fixed several ConcurrentExceptions causing server to crash.
* Fixed ConcurrentException issues with /dm surrender command.
* Fixed problems with piracy not being processed properly.
* Fixed internal error when using the library to enchant with empty hands.
* Fixed /dip global requiring you be a member of a town.

CivCraft Update 18.8

Quick update with some minor, but quickly needed fixes.

One change to pay attention to is that I’ve disabled the mob removal timer in towny. I’ve done this to help increase server stability and I suspect this bit of code might be the culprite. Mobs will still not spawn in town, as that is covered by a separate event, but mobs will now be able to *walk into town* and will not un-spawn when they do. So heads up for that.


* /build repair now charges the correct amount of coins
* The Mob-removal timer has been disabled to help increase server stability.
* Updated some plugins.
* re-added extra zoom levels to dynmap

CivCraft Update 18.7


* increased chunk view distance from 3 to 7
* increased mob spawn rates(slightly)


* Internal error with /dm read command
* Adjusted arrow towers to be slightly more accurate.
* Mines now properly lose their levels when they are destroyed.
* Fixed internal error when undoing cottages.
* Fixed other various internal errors.

CivCraft Update 18.6


* Added /civ command which shows basic server stats, including pings and TPS. Will expand to include more stuff as time goes on.
* Added "/civ time" command which shows the current system time, the next trade/cottage tick time, and the next upkeep time.
* Dynmap now shows which towns are in debt and how many days remain before auction/deletion.

balance changes:

* Base fail-rate for piracy has changed from 10% to 0%
* Base fail-rate for compromise spies has changed from 10% to 0%
* Ender-pearls can now have a 3 second cooldown on use.
* Ender-pearls no longer allow for teleportation through walls.


* Fixed server time being incorrect, war will now start at the proper 2pm PST.
* Another attempt at trommel fix. Also added more debug info to help debug issues.
* Fixed spies not surviving reboots
* Fixed Co-modification error in espionage missions.
* Fixed Co-modification error in temple sacrifices.
* Fixed /dm command not working properly for some towns.
* Fixed /town color command sending internal error with no arguments
* Fixed NPE in sessionDB.
* Fixed town's culture sometimes overlapping the town on the dynmap making viewing the info popup impossible.
* Fixed piracy not working properly.

CivCraft Update 18.5

Hello all, some critical war bugs before the war time this weekend. Also some cool balance changes. Enjoy =)


* Added date to /dip command to know how long the state has lasted.
* Added argument to /dip command, when given a town name it will show that town's diplomatic relations.
* Added "/dip global" command which shows the relationships between all towns on the server.

Balance Changes

* Vassal states now pay $2,500 per town level rather than a $2,500 flat fee. For example, a settlement is level 1 and only pays $2,500. A hamlet pays $5,000... a metropolis pays $20,000.

* Cottages Now produce more coins per level per hour.
* Level 1 was $50/hr is now $100/hr
* Level 2 was $100/hr is now $175/hr
* Level 3 was $150/hr is now $350/hr
* Level 4 was $250/hr is now $500/hr
* Level 5 was $450/hr is now $650/hr
* level 6 was $750/hr is now $1250/hr

* Communism Cottage rate increased from 100% to 115%
* Communism Hammer increased from %125 to 150%

The wiki has been updated to reflect these changes.


* Fixed Trommels and other chest based structures from occasionally not working.
* Fixed diplomatic states disappearing.
* Fixed not being able to reply to diplomatic messages.
* Fixed PvP bug where only one side could attack the other in town borders.
* Fixed a NPE in SessionDB delete
* When you declare war on a town without a town hall, that town will now lose to the first town who declared war on it once wartime starts. Provided they do not build a town hall in the meantime.
* When a town becomes a vassal it now ends all wars with other towns.
* The /town trade command has been updated to better show the actual extra good bonus recieved.
* the /town cottage command now properly takes the town's cottage rate into account when showing totals.

Main server online!

The server is back online! Some things will still be broken such as the website’s online status and the domain name may take a few days to propagate. If you’re having trouble connecting, try using the direct IP: